My motivation behind it

Being a minimalist can solve many problems.

  • Environmental problems. Our resources are limited. We consume too much, waste energy, eat too many animal products, and produce a huge amount of rubbish. What about the next few generations? Living sustainably is the solution.
  • Money worries. Minimalists consume deliberately. If you buy less you have more money. Either you save it (financially independent) or you start to work less (gain time).
  • Work load. If you spend less money you can work less and retire earlier. Unless you love your job.
  • Lack of time. Buying objects takes time (search, select, bring home, organise, tidy up, maintain, repair, dispose). It sums up. If you have fewer things you will automatically gain time for things that are important to you (e.g. going for a walk in the nature, reading a book).
  • Lack of space. If you own fewer objects you have more space. Move to a smaller place. Pay less rent. Save money and gain even more time.
  • Fast pace and overstimulation. Less instead of more. Quiet instead of loud. Offline instead of online. Single tasking instead of multitasking. Bicycle path instead of motorway. Eat slowly with pleasure instead of eating fast. A minimalist life helps against difficulties in concentration, sleeplessness, tinnitus, burnout or depression. Over 70% of all illnesses are psychologically caused.
  • Heteronomy. Do not define yourself through what you possess or what the media tells you. Properties do not make you happy long-term. Make yourself independent from properties and define your values. No pressure to be loved because of what you wear or which car you are driving.
  • Dissatisfaction. A simple life can lead to more happiness and satisfaction. You are focused on the essentials in your life: People, environment, your health, and your passions.


10 thoughts on “My motivation behind it

  1. Hello Debora,

    Just amazing, you ideas are inspiring and absolutely correct. I havebeen working on the Peruvian Amazon for about 6 years with conservation. this is my website
    That said, I created a workaway profile and looking through out of it most of the volunteers are more like looking for gain experiences and travel cheap.
    You seem to be really serious about what you do and think , I admire that and if one day you would be interested and coming to the jngle and exchange your experience with us that would be great.

    Looking fowards to your answer


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    • Hi murilo
      Thanks a lot for checking out my website and the great offer! I would love to learn more about the jungle πŸ™‚ I’m in Costa Rica at the moment. Might arrive in Peru in june. Will definitely contact you a few weeks before that.


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