Healthy travel recipes

I am very interested in the many different kitchens from all over the world. Cooking is one of my passions and I can spend hours just looking through recipes. Since I am travelling a lot I made some delicious recipes with fresh healthy food that require very little preparation. I use them a lot when staying somewhere on a couch and they allow me to use the kitchen. Therefore I like to have some spices with me: cinnamon (e.g. oatmeal) and Tandoori Masala – Barbecue Spice Blend (e.g. Asian cuisine). Those spices have many health benefits.

All recipes are plant-based, mostly gluten free and contain neither added sugar nor palm oil. The measurements of the spices vary depending how thick, hot, salty, garlicy and sour one likes it.

  • Instead of added sugar (makes addicted, sick and is nutrition for cancer, bacteria and parasites): dried fruits (e.g. dates, plums), fresh fruits (e.g. banana, figs) or natural sweetener (e.g. stevia, xylitol, erythritol, coconut blossom sugar)
    • Since cancer cells, bacteria and parasites do not care which kind of sugar you eat it is better to reduce your sugar consume in general.
  • Instead of butter or margarine: vegetable oil (e.g. coconut oil, flax seed oil), nuts (e.g. almond butter, peanut butter) or avocado
    • Do not heat flax seed oil. It loses its health benefits. Store it in the fridge in a dark bottle to prevent oxidation.
  • Eat mindfully. Instead of eating while you watch TV, try to pay attention to each bite.

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