Central America

During my three months in Central America I wrote a blog entry about each country I visited. I wrote about places worth to visit, where I bought my food, where I slept, how I travelled from place to place, costs, safety, when it is best to visit, visa, and other interesting facts. This here is a short overview. If you want to read more about a country just click on the country.

Costa Rica

I stayed in Costa Rica around seven weeks. A country with a rich variety of nature, animals, and activities.


Nicaragua is famous for being a budget backpacker’s dream. An ideal place to spend weeks or even months. Less touristic than Costa Rica and thus more authentic.

El Salvador

Do not go to El Salvador. It is dangerous. You will be mugged. I encountered that attitude a lot. It is a fact that the capital, San Salvador is one of the worlds most violent cities. Murder, rape, kidnapping, and mugging are happening daily. But most of them are gang-related and not to tourists. Tourists bring money into a country. After I met this guy from Denmark in a bus who was raving of Santa Ana my decision was made. I think it is very important to build your own opinion. For me the people in El Salvador were the most welcoming, authentic, and helpful locals I met in Central America. Maybe because there are less tourists yet.


I truly loved Antigua. A peaceful and romantic little city surrounded by active volcanos that attracts many free spirits. I was lucky to see the Volcan de fuego erupting from the city. I felt welcome in the very beginning. Seems they know how important tourists are for the economy. On the cobblestoned road are still horse-drawn carriages. The restaurants are arranged with much detail which provides the romantic ambience. Even the McDonalds is worth a visit. It has been a while since I felt such a strong mystic energy in a city. I felt so safe that I even walked around alone by night.


Mexico is one of the most beautiful countries I have ever been.