February 2015 – 7 days

I really enjoyed my visit in Israel. It is a small country but has a great variability in landscape: the beach, mountains, harbour, desert, rivers, and the dead sea. The people are very interesting to talk to, hospitable, and very direct. I did Couchsurfing in Jaffa. From there I did day trips to other cities in Israel. Because of Shabbat there is no public transportation just before sunset on Friday to just after dark on Saturday. It is cheap and convenient to travel around with the bus or train. From Tel Aviv to Jerusalem by bus it is around 4.50 Euro. The food is more expensive. Around 5 Euro for a falafel.


I loved hummus, falafel, shakshuka, and eggplants with Tahini

Tel Aviv: Rothschild Boulevard (visit the shop Max Brenner Chocolate. Delicious), Carmel market, the beach


Jaffa: Flee market, old city and the park, art gallery

img_7110Jerusalem: Austrian Guesthouse (rooftop) where you have a very nice view of the city



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