KyotoIn spring 2014 I went to Japan for 6 weeks. Japan is a highly developed industrial country with a lot of history. Since only a few people speak English there I learnt some Japanese before my visit. For the rest I used body language or google translate. I went to Tokyo, Yokohama, Kyoto, Osaka, Nara, Fukuoka and Beppu by bus, metro, and train (Japan Rail Pass for the Shinkansen). Most I liked Kyoto and Beppu. Metro and bus is cheap. Trains are expensive.


Many japanese people are very shy, helpful, nice, and extremely polite. They even apologize after they helped me! I wish they would question more things.


Japan is known for Karaoke, Cat Coffees, hot springs (Onsen) in e.g. Kyoto and Beppu, beautiful parks, and many temples.


  • Tokyo: Shibuya by night, Odaiba with Monorail
  • Yokohama: Bay, China Town
  • Kyoto: Fushimi Inari Shrine and Bamboo Forest hike (highly recommended), another hike: Mt. Kurama + Kurama Onsen, Kamo River (swim, BBQ, lay in the grass, go for a run), Ginkakuji Temple, Path of Philosophy, Nanzenji Temple, the golden pavilion (Kinkaku), good club: @world Kyoto in devil street
  • Nara: Free deer everywhere
  • Dazaifu
  • Yanagawa river
  • Beppu (not very known yet fortunately): Mount Takasaki with Monkeys, Kannawa Onsen for your feet, Umi Jigoku (hells): spectacular hot springs for viewing rather than bathing


I loved ramen, sushi and mochi (japanese rice cake).

Sushi restaurant


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