Healthy and easy recipes

There is no diet that works for all of us. We are individuals with different needs. Some love to eat and need a new dish three times a day and others are happy to eat the same every day. What works for me, may not work for you. But the basic dietary requirements are the same for all of us. And there is food that is healthier and food that even harms our body and mind.

In general it is good to eat more vegetables and a variety of plant foods to ensure to get all nutrients your body needs. Simply change the grains (quinoa, millet, buckwheat, basmati rice), legumes (chickpeas, lentil, beans) and vegetables every day. I incorporate seeds (sesame, flaxseeds, chia), nuts, and spices in my meals. Spices (e.g. turmeric, oregano, ginger, cinnamon, cardamom, cumin, and clove) have a lot of health benefits. Therefore I always travel with them. I always try to eat the rainbow since all vegetables and fruits have different health benefits. It is all about the balance.

„Vegan isn’t about sacrifice and restriction. It is about feeling more energetic, balanced, and satisfied. And this is what I would like you to experience. – Debora Döhrbeck”


  • Instead of processed sugar (makes addicted and is nutrition for cancer, bacteria and parasites): I use dried fruits (plums, figs, apricots, raisins), fresh fruits (banana, apple, dates) or natural sweetener (concentrated pear juice, maple syrup, coconut blossom sugar, xylitol, erythritol).
  • Instead of butter or margarine: I get most of my fats through whole foods like nuts, seeds, olives, avocado, and coconut meat to take advantage of the fibre and micronutrients they contain. For cooking (heat-resistant) I use extra virgin olive oil, virgin coconut oil, and rarely avocado oil.  For cold salads and sauces (heat sensitive) I use cold pressed flaxseed oil, sesame oil, walnut oil, and pumpkin seed oil.
    • Store heat sensitive oils in the fridge in a dark bottle to prevent oxidation.
  • Always soak your legumes properly to reduce the antinutrients like lectins and phytic acid. With either cooking, fermenting, or sprouting you can reduce the lectin content to negligible amounts.


Since I am travelling a lot I created some delicious recipes with fresh healthy food that require very little preparation. I use them a lot when staying somewhere with Couchsurfing and they allow me to use their kitchen. There are more recipes on my instagram (@deboraspassions).

For the sweet tooth

Starters & Soups

Main dishes

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