Burnout while travelling

I was exhausted from travelling. Waterfalls, volcanos and mountains simply didn’t impress me anymore. I started to envy people who have their own place they can call home. I missed having my own kitchen with a well working blender and knives to create delicious meals. A cozy, clean bed and space. Not having to bother with bedbugs and mold. Or long bus rides with little sleep. And most important: I missed to spend time with my family and friends. Long talks over a glass of wine while cooking together. Or to meet for a coffee and just philosophise about life and making plans together. I know travel burnout is a pretty luxurious problem to have. I think that is why I felt confused and a little ashamed. When I recall the happiest moments in the past two years it has always been together with people. I learnt that the most important thing in life are relationships. Travelling is about the people I meet. To explore different lifestyles and getting inspired. Since one month we are renting an apartment. It feels great to have our own place from where I can work on my recipe book and walk around naked. The people here are incredible helpful and caring. Micol offered us some plants from her garden, Sebastiano one of his apartments for three months when we come back in January and Marco and Barbara introduced us to Baskin. Thank you for making us feel like home. Here I am. Standing on our terrace in sunny Sicily and recharging my batteries. I feel the next adventure is coming soon.

1 thought on “Burnout while travelling

  1. I´ve felt that… after 3 months on the road I was so anxious about the logistics for just another destination, how to get from the airport to the center, to find a nice hotel (and sometimes doing it so wrong wrong wrong that it just destroyed the image of a city), etc… after some time I realize what I need was a break, to sit down and relax for a few days without feeling I had to see everything 🙂 happy days, PedroL

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