Useful Things to Know Before Visiting Egypt


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Ten years ago when I was in Egypt for the first time I stayed in an all-inclusive resort on the beach in Sharm El-Sheikh. It was nice for a short vacation, but I didn’t learn much from the culture. The … Continue reading

Useful Things to Know Before You Visit Vietnam


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Vietnam, officially called the Socialist Republic of Vietnam, is a country I wanted to visit since years. This year in 2019 we spend two months (September and October) in this beautiful country. Although Vietnam remains officially committed to socialism, its … Continue reading

Useful Things to Know Before You Visit Bali


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In Bali I felt an incredibly strong, positive energy. The last time I felt such energy was in Ko Phangan. 90% of Balinese are Hindu and most believe in Karma. The people are very warm-hearted and smile a lot. Even … Continue reading