Vegan eating in Philadelphia

Goldie (100% vegan)

Goldie is a small chain that serves falafel. We went for lunch and there was a long line with limited seating so get here early! Or hope to get lucky as someone leaves as you are entering 🙂 Each table has little containers of pickled beets and jalapeños. We had a falafel salad with kale, iceberg, cabbage, beets, carrots, and cucumbers topped with sunflower seeds, fresh herbs, and tahini (9 USD). Additionally, we had Falafel with pita bread, cucumber, tomatoes, red harissa sauce, cabbage, tahini, and parsley (7.50 USD). The service was very fast and the food very juicy and delicious. Goldie sells many of the products that are used to create the menu.


Indeblue is an upscale Indian restaurant in downtown Philadelphia. Many vegan options can be found and many others can be adapted to be vegan upon request. We started with a tasty, crispy spinach chaat that had shallots, tomatoes, sweet tamarind, and date chutney (9 USD). The vegetable samosas were filled with spiced potato turnovers in a tamarind and mint-cilantro chutney with chickpeas (8 USD). The samosas had a strong and delicious flavour of coriander. The deep fried cauliflower had a good flavour and a nice presentation. It was in a delicious tomato sauce with ginger, red onion, crushed red pepper, soy, and fresh herbs (9 USD).

For the entrée we had the vegetarian thali sampler platter (15 USD). We had the royal dal, green pea masala, mango chutney, basmati rice, roti, pickled vegetables, and fruits. Additionally, we had Chana Saag: Chickpeas and spinach spiced with garam masala. Topped with seasonal vegetables served in a little boat. A few of the selections were very spicy but this can be regulated by asking more or less spiciness.

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