Richmond – A green, artistic, and intercultural city

A city I only visited because of a good friend. Thanks to him and meetup (app) I had a amazing time in Richmond, Virginia. The city has a lot to offer: Plenty of beautiful parks, the James river (my favourite place), art galleries, art festivals (first friday), many great murals, very interesting museums (science, art, holocaust), potlucks, lectures, second-hand (thrift) shops, film festivals, and a lot of walking in the nature.

The site was previously inhabited by the Powhatan Indians. You might be familiar with Pocahontas John Smith. Richmond is one of the oldest American cities and historically very interesting.

Transport: The easiest way to get around Richmond is by car.

Cheapest bus from Richmond, VA to Washington, DC (2h): (10-15 dollar). I had a good experience.

In Costa Rica now 🙂


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